Barbers To The Rescue

Salon Jasmin

Coming from my barber house after a beard trim and rolling down Paul-Heyse-Street with my new bicycle on the bikeway, all of a sudden a family with their kids and a stroller were crossing the bikeway without turning to the left first to watch the traffic. I couldn’t pass by to the left side because of all the parked delivery cars on the bikeway, so I had to abruptly break in order to not crashing into the baby stroller. I flipped over my bike and landed in the middle of the street, squeezing my thigh between the handlebars and the frame, unable to stand up.
A barber from a hair stylist immediately ran out of the shop, coming to my rescue and helping me stand up while the family went away in the meantime, not even asking about my health or my bike. The barber instead took my bike and leaned it against the shop window, offering me a chair to sit down, gave me a bottle of cold water and some alcohol to disinfect my bruises. I was baffled about so much first class first aid and in the same time of no interest at all by the family, running around with blind eyes. I couldn’t find out what reason they had to jump on the bikeway, no traffic light in the middle of a highly busy road when they would next have ran into a passing car!
Driving bicycle in a major city like Munich is dangerous to say the least. But it’s not the car drivers because they are pretty cautious, it’s the pedestrians and all the other bikers for whom not a single traffic rule may apply and If the hair stylists at Jasmin Salon (no website!) are as nearly as good in styling as in first aid, I’d definitely recommend a visit!