Ask The Photographer!

Instead of trying to do selfies just ask the photographer near to you!

We are capable of getting you in the right position with a beautiful background as well. Also, we are equipped with sophisticated gear that enables us to edit the images on our iPad as soon as we have shot them and instantly send these photos to your e-mail account. I’ve done this a few times, so don’t hesitate to simply ask for a nice shot with our camera and do not hand over yours. Firstly, photographers don’t know every single camera on this planet and secondly, our diopter adjustments to the viewfinder are most likely different than yours.

Update 18.05.2018: Bild wurde anonymisiert, sodass die eigentliche Bedeutung vollkommen verloren geht. Auch dies ein Beispiel dafür, wie sehr die DSGVO einer Zensur gleichkommt!